Gimbal Suspended Gangway 

The green alternative in personnel transfer offshore.

Gangways for personnel and cargo transfer used in the offshore business today does require a lot of power to operate.     


For larger units the power consumption is typically from a few hundred kW to near 1 MW.                                                                                         

1 MW equals the average power consumption of 2000 UK homes.


The energy is needed for the compensation movements for the gangway section, and so a lot of energy is required.


The GSG solution is self-balanced by gravity force and requires limited energy consumption during the connection phase to the receiving structure.

If suction force is used to connect gangway tip to the receiving structure the power requirement after gangway is connected is neglectable.

Gimbal Suspended Gangway

Explore what the GSG solution can offer 

Patented technology

The patent is granted in Norway and USA.  



International Search Report - PCT

Patent pending in many countries

An EPO application is filed and cover most European countries.  In addition, the patent is pending for  China, Japan and Korea.


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